Website design and make website banners

For over 14 years we are trying to help you with your business and promote your website on the Internet. We have made dozens of successful projects, so we sure that we can create for you a project on which you will proud of.

What can we offer you?

  • Website development, website design ( web design )
  • Website re-design, modernization and actualization website
  • Website application development and programming - admin aplication
  • Building internet shop ( e-shop )
  • Create internet banners ( PNG, GIF, JPEG banners )
  • Graphic design and website creation ( logographer... )
  • Search engine optimization, website URL submission to Czech catalogs

Website design ( web design )

Our website design prices are very competitive for the standard we achieve. We make sure that your site meets all of the specifications and guidelines set out by the World Wide Web Consortium. This means writing the code (or markup) for your website in XHTML (Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language) and using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to apply styles. We create a professional website which best suit your needs and target audience. The whole process of website development is in a phased manner, thereby reducing any chances of any discrepancy while designing your website.

Website banners design

Website banners are essentially online business cards, often times used for reciprocal linking with other websites. Custom banners are frequently the first impression the online public will have in regards to your online business. The blending of colors should be attractive, informative, comfortable for the eye and help to convince the viewer to stay on your site.

Website application development

Webeditor allows you to create and edit your web pages from everywhere without any programming knowledge. You can edit HTML and PHP files in an WYSIWYG environment, insert and change HTML tables online, handle texts like in common word processing, place eye-catchers, insert hyperlinks, insert and upload images, modify image attributes and edit your web pages source code online.

Search engine optimization

When searching for information, most users enter a query in a search engine. Let it be obvious that without SEO optimization, the website will rank somewhere in between thousands of competing pages. High rankings in the returned search engine result pages for well-defined keywords will drive targetted visitors and potential clients towards your website. This is what turns your website into an effective marketing tool. We can optimise your site and incorporate our SEO strategy and SEO optimization methods into your website.

Graphic design and website creation

We offers a complete graphic design service - logo design, stationery design, graphic design, banners design and website design...

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